About Us

Like stars, we shine,
Like the phoenix, we rise,
Gods and goddesses glowing,
In every sphere we’re showing
That no matter the battles we face,
You can still see our glitter from space


Every great idea starts with a problem, and then a need to solve that problem. For me, the problem was simple and specific; I always wanted to wear premium quality and elegant clothing. I wanted my dressing to reflect who I was. More often than not, I’d get frustrated because I couldn’t find the type of clothing that I wanted. And on the rare occasions when I did find them, they were way too expensive for me.

Thus began my relentless and passion-driven project to provide premium quality clothing to people in every income category. I didn’t just want to make great products, I wanted to make products that pass a message, products that make an undeniable statement, and that statement is, 'Tout pour briller' (Everything to shine). This statement represents that we can shine irrespective of what we do, or where we are.

Through thick and thin, we all really just want to be seen; to be recognized for who we are and the things we do. We want to be noticed, we want to SHINE. The truth is, you are a star; you are radiant; you are BRILLANCE.

We live in a world that’s laden with negativity and discouragement; people telling you that you’re not good enough. It’s different with Brillance.

When you wear Brillance, you wear confidence, you wear ambition, you wear hope, and you wear your shine.

Brillance is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a symbol that reminds us of who we are; it’s the confirmation of the fact that we can shine in whatever we do.